16th December 2017

Pasty Week 2018

Turning the spotlight on Cornwall’s favourite and most iconic food, the first ever Cornish Pasty Week will be celebrated throughout Cornwall and across the country. 

From Sunday 25th February 2018, there will be a whole week of activity, culminating in the ‘Oggy Oscars’ - which is the 7th annual World Pasty Championships held at the Eden Project on 3rd March.  

Fun Facts: 

  • The Cornish pasty generates around £300million worth of trade - which is about 20% of the total turnover in the Cornish food & drink sector
  • Atleast 120 million Cornish pasties are made each year
  • If a pasty is crimped by a left hand crimper it is called a 'cock pasty', and by a right hand crimper a 'hen'
  • The familiar 'Oggy, Oggy, Oggy' chant is said to have originated from pasty sellers announcing the arrival of their pasties, with the traditional acknowledgement of 'Oi, Oi, Oi'!

For more information please visit the Cornish Pasty Association & celebrate all things Cornish!