22nd April 2018

Earth Day - End Plastic Pollution

Today is Earth Day. This years focus is on 'End Plastic Pollution'.

Join us in supporting this movement by finding out how many plastic items you consume each year and make a pledge to reduce.

Plastic pollution is causing irrevesible damage to our beautiful oceans and lands, injuring marine life and affecting our health.

Here at the Carlyon Bay Hotel and across all Brend Hotels, we keep environmental issues close to our heart. As a group we have been working behind the scenes for years to find ways to run our businesses sustainably and reduce our environmental impact as we are passionate about our beautiful surroundings. We are taking steps to cut out all single use plastics and have reduced our total energy use and Co2 emissions by 15% since 2006. We buy as much of our fish, meat, cheese and vegetables from local suppliers as possible, helping to support local farmers as well as cutting down on unnecessary food miles.