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Local Cornish Suppliers

Oyster starter in the Taste of Cornwall Brasserie, Carlyon Bay Hotel

The very best local produce

At The Carlyon Bay Hotel, we are passionate about creating incredible dishes that provide rich flavours and taste. To achieve the quality we seek, we strive to use only the very best ingredients that are locally sourced in the nearby area as much as we possibly can. Sourcing local homegrown ingredients provide us with a brilliant starting point for envisioning and implementing our mouth-watering dishes and inspiring our menus. 

Dark Chocolate Ganache with Amaretto Cream and Cherry Syrup Dessert in the Bay View Restaurant, Carlyon Bay Hotel

Food that's burstingwith flavour

We take time and care to seek out the most delicious, distinctive foods served in our fine dining restaurants. With meats supplied fresh from the many local farms here in Cornwall, as well as day-caught fish and seafood from Cornish fishermen in St Ives. 

We source much of our produce from local suppliers and use fresh local ingredients wherever possible. We believe the dedication to supporting local producers is evident in the taste of our dishes so you can enjoy the freshest food, bursting with flavour. Try our award-winning Cornish cheeses, Cornish Boddingtons jam and Tregothnan Cornish tea.


Kittows Butchers

Just a short drive from the hotel overlooking the fishing village of Fowey, there are animals grazing. Kittows Butchers have reared livestock on the same farm for over 130 years and are an award-winning purveyor of the finest quality Cornish meats. 

Sharps Brewery

Home of our favourite beers since 1994 including the highest-selling cask Ale in the UK, Doom Bar. Brewed in Rock on the north coast, you can enjoy many of their favourite beers including Doom Bar, Atlantic Pale Ale, Cold River Cider & Offshore Pilsner throughout your stay with us. 

Colwith Farm & Distillery

Colwith Farm & Distillery are home to award-winning Vodka and Gin spanning 5 generations. Producing everything from scratch, from a single estate, you really can’t get any better in terms of provenance, authenticity & quality. What better way to enjoy a Cornish delicacy than with a gin and tonic? 

Tarquins Gin

The concept of Tarquins Gin was brought to live amongst the wild Cornish coast. Tarquins Gin was the first established distillery in over 100 years and became home to the Worlds Best Gin. Overseen by Tarquin himself, when Tarquin puts “Handcrafted in Cornwall” on every bottle, he really does mean it.

Navas Mixers

Mixing the finest quality natural Cornish ingredients in a sustainable way, Navas mixers are the perfect accompaniment to a Cornish Gin enhancing the flavour of these spirits and increasing your enjoyment. 

Healeys Cyder Farm

Healeys Cyder Farm is situated in the heart of Cornwall and is home to the famous Cornish Rattler, this family-run business for over 30 years has been living and breathing apples every day. They use decades of craft but mixed with 21st Century technology they were the first commercial Orchard in Cornwall.

Kightor Winery

Oozing rustic appeal, Kightor Winery's 4 acres of vineyards and orchards, produce award-winning premium sparkling and still English wines. Using their own grapes grown in Cornwall, they have also created their own English Vermouth used in some of our own cocktails. Offering an insight into these award-winning wines the tours are well worth a visit!

Camel Valley Vineyard

Camel Valley Vineyard has a climate similar to the Champagne region, it's famous for its Brut Sparkling Wine, beating prestigious Champagnes regularly in Sparkling Wine awards. This family-run vineyard offers daily tastings and tours throughout the year and their range of wines are a definite favourite of ours.

Cornish Orchards

Cornish Orchards is all about respecting and balancing their award-winning juices using traditional craft practices produced to modern, exacting standards. Creating products that are not only refreshing but bursting with outstanding flavours and fruity aromas.


Newlyn the fulcrum of Cornwall’s fishing industry, laying adjacent to some of the richest fishing grounds in the Northern Hemisphere. With fish sent daily to London’s markets, we are fortunate our supplier Matthew Stevens buys fresh from the port. When we say from the sea, we really mean fresh from the sea. 

St Austell Bay Shellfish

Ever wonder what those lines out on the sea are when you look from one of our sea-facing rooms? St Austell Bay Shellfish Farm uses the gulf stream which means our mussels and scallops are grown in the highest grade of water quality in the country, with their mussel beds in sight from the front of our hotel. 

Roseland Cornish Saffron

Saffron is an integral part of Cornish culture and history and with help from their family, the owners plant, pick, pluck and process with their very own fingers! Using only natural fertilizers including seaweed from the bay, this Saffron really is a product of love!

Porthilley Oysters

Sitting proudly at the heart of the Camel Estuary, Porthilley Oysters are monitored continuously over the 16 – 24 months and grown in mesh bags until they reach the perfect size and are ready for consumption.

Roskilly's Icecream

Roskilly’s is a working Cornish Organic Farm, on the beautiful southern tip of Cornwall, Helston. The Roskilly family has had a Jersey herd at Tregellast Barton since 1950. Their vision started with 40 acres and 30 cows, and as the years have gone by this has expanded to 200 acres with a herd of over 100. Although some things have changed, some remain the same with the cows remaining Jerseys, and their milk is still the perfect ingredient for making ice cream.

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