20th April 2020

Staycation, the new vacation.

Everyone loves to holiday abroad but have you noticed that vacations aren’t always the most rejuvenating experiences? If your main purpose for going abroad on holiday is to get some well-deserved rest, then you may be disappointed. Just think of all the preparation and planning that goes into every trip. The combination of months of planning, air-travel, jet lag, packing and unpacking can sometimes mean you don’t get much time to really relax and enjoy yourself. 

Vacations abroad are nice, but if they can also be an energy-killer, is there an alternative way to spend our spare time? Yes, there is. It’s called a staycation.

1. Fresh experiences just around the corner

Similar to holidays (vacations), staycations also tick some of the same boxes.  Often we overlook the attractions that are nearer to us, choosing instead to spend lots of money to visit foreign countries. However, if you make an effort to explore the area closer to where you live, you may be pleasantly surprised. There will be cafés and restaurants you’ve never tried, historic buildings you’ve never seen before, and nature parks you’ve never visited. Even if you decide to visit the same place or hotel as you’ve been before, you'll still be able to enjoy new and exciting things if you’d like to. 

2. You can avoid the stress and anxiety associated with travel

There’s a lot to think about when you’re planning a trip: figuring out flights, finding the best place to stay, deciding how to budget your limited amount of time. For especially anxious travellers, finding ways to minimise travel stress is a crucial part of taking a vacation. With a staycation, you’re eliminating a lot of the stress associated with travelling - no flying, no airports and most importantly, no baggage restrictions. 

3. You don’t have to plan ahead

Nothing is better than realising you have an unusually free Friday or, even better, a meeting-free Monday. Depending on how flexible your workplace is, you can have an impromptu three-day-long staycation a lot easier than you could a spontaneous trip to the Maldives. 

4. You can spend time with local friends and family

In the rush of daily living – juggling careers, kids, activities and obligations – it’s hard to find time to just chill out with loved ones, even if they live close by. A staycation gives you the opportunity for extended quality time with your family and friends where you can ignore the hassle of day-to-day life and just enjoy each others company. 

During a staycation, you can leave the hard work behind and take time to discover the magic with your nearest and dearest... making memories that count! Better yet, if you stay at a hotel, even the mealtimes are catered for, you don’t need to worry about food prep and washing up. 

5. There are no seasons for staycations

Holidaymakers have to concern themselves with when to go: peak season, shoulder season, or the more economical off-season. If you spend your holiday at home, the time of year won’t matter. Whether you choose to cosy up on the coast during the Winter or experience the magic of nature awakening in the Spring, you'll see for yourselves why seasonal breaks are so popular.  A seasonal break can be whatever you want it to be, at any time of year.

                                         * * *

Say goodbye to security checks at airports, and instead, say hello to peace and quiet. Ultimately, staycations are the ideal way to restore and revitalize your mind, body and spirit. Try one and see for yourself!

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