18th February 2018

National Drink Wine Day

The 18th of February marks 'National Drink Wine Day'. When dining with us, make sure you speak to our Wine Waiter who will talk you through the best wines to accompany your food or simply to sit back and enjoy. 

In recognition of Drink Wine Day, we wanted to share our recommendations to be enjoyed!  Our favourites include Te Koko - Cloudy Bay, New Zealand's Sauvignon Blanc and Chateua Musar - Bekaa Valley, Lebannon. Both wines have a rich history that goes beyond the bottle.

Cloudy Bay, established in 1985 was one of the first five vineyards to venture into the now internationally celebrated wine region of Marlborough in New Zealand. The winery was named after Cloudy Bay, a body of water explorer Captain James Cook came across during his voyage to New Zealand in 1770. His discovery coincided with flooding in the region, which washed large amounts of sediment into the sea. Noticing the water’s opaque appearance, Cook cleverly christened the area Cloudy Bay.

Chateua Musar, is a big Bordeaux influenced red wine, made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsault and Carignan and aged for 24 months in oak barrels. The classic wine was made by Serge Hochar, a wine maker who has historically had to negotiate his own personal cease-fire in times of 'unrest' in order to harvest his crop! 

Why not visit Camel Valley vineyard and get to experience first hand an award winning family ran vineyard in Cornwall. They planted their first vines in 1989 on their farm in Cornwall, and have been winning an abundance of awards ever since.  

It would be a shame to celebrate this date just once a year, perhaps this is just a reminder to enjoy great wine.